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Welcome to The University of Ibadan Alumni Network

University Advancement Centre was established in July 2004 and was saddled with the responsibility of enhancing the University reputation in order to generate extraordinary levels of support for University of Ibadan's Strategic goals and priorities.

We realized that we can't handle the task alone; there is a need to build a relationship with University of Ibadan Alumni. For over six decades, the University of Ibadan has helped in the transformation of many Nigerians as well as people from other parts of the world at various levels of education, by giving them the right foundation which enables them compete with their counterparts anywhere in the world, the evidence of this lies in the creativity of our numerous alumni whose outstanding performance can be seen both nationally and internationally.

We desire to build a relationship between the alumni and the University thereby providing a platform for our alumni to join our course as we also look into the future with a resolve to sustain the UI legacy of excellence through the realization of the institution's Vision

The purpose of Alumni Network includes:

+++Facilitate the interaction among University of Ibadan Alumni

+++Bringing Back fond memories

+++Maintaining Contact with friends

+++Restore contact with old friends

+++Render Help to each other when the need arise

+++Update Alumni with recent development in UI

+++Create avenue for collective assistance to UI when needed

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